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The M4-series Carbine achieves over 80% commonality with the M16A2 Rifle and replaces all M3 .45 caliber submachine guns, and selected M9 pistols and M16 rifles The M4 carbine is a compact variant of the M16A2 assault rifle. Manufactured by Colt Defense, the M4 is a preferred weapon for the US Armed Forces and 21st century war-fighters. The weapon delivers superior performance and accuracy for the joint coalition forces conducting the most challenging combat missions

The M4 carbine differs from the M16A2 rifle only by having a shorter barrel and a telescoped, 4-position buttstock. The M4A1 is a similar modification of the M16A3 rifle, so for general technical description please refer to the M16 article on this site CORE 15 100288 TAC M4 Rifle 30+1 .223 REM/5.56 NATO 16 OUT OF STOCK (1) Colt MT6400 AR15 Match Target M4 Semi-Auto 223 Rem/5.56 NATO. OUT OF STOCK (0) CIV XENA15 GEN4 5.56 NATO RIFLE. OUT OF STOCK (18) Colt M4 Carbine MPS 5.56 16 30. OUT OF STOCK (1) Sig Sauer RM400300BH16 M400 Predator Semi-Automatic .300 BLK. The M16 rifle and the M4 carbine are semi-automatic and automatic weapons that originated in the U.S. They are issued to U.S. troops and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces worldwide. The M16 was the standard U.S. military forces weapon from It's primarily use was to be a lightweight assault weapon, and as a result for it's success, the rifle was introduced in the military and has been in use by the U.S. military and law enforcement for over 40 years now in various configurations like the M-16 or the M-4 Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLALQuK1NDrh77AY3PpPOGCIeZ65u4WZl - - Watch more Gun Guide videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515060..

This used Colt M4 Carbine (LE6920) is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in the 5.56mm Round. This gun features a 16 barrel and a matte black finish. Comes with lock, manual, and 1. Industrial Grade Rifle Souvenir Available. $1.57 - $27.95. $4.00 - $76.90. The Inferno Collection. Inspect in-game (FN) 1032 Steam Listings. M4A4 Tornado Skin & Price Details. Desert Storm. Industrial Grade Rifle $6.40 - $36.24 . The Dust Collection. Inspect in-game (FN) 422 Steam Listings Colt's Manufacturing Company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers The #M4 carbine is a shorter and lighter variant of the M16A2 assault rifle. Subscribe Now - ⚔️ https://goo.gl/pY8ZSL ⚔️ -----.. The FN 15® Military Collector Series M4 brings to market a military replica rifle made to FN's, and the U.S. military's exacting specifications. The semi-automatic rifle is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO and features a 16-inch, 1:7 RH, button-broached, and chrome-lined barrel

Since an M4 scope releases heavy recoil, it is important that the scope will give out a generous eye relief. This model has a fixed magnification of 3x, which gives out an eye relief of 3.4 inches. With a BDC Carbine Reticle that emits 200 yard crosshairs, you can see your targets clearly from a distance M4 je americká zkrácená verze útočné pušky M16A2, s níž má 80 % shodných dílů.Kromě zkrácení hlavně (a předpažbí) byla pevná pažba nahrazena teleskopickou (výsuvnou) pažbou, která má možnost aretace v šesti různých polohách. Použití obvyklejší sklopné ramenní opěrky bylo vyloučeno konstrukcí M16, u které je vratná pružina uložena v prostoru pevné. The M4 carbine is a type of carbine used in the military. A carbine is a shorter, lighter type of rifle. It was based on the M16 rifle. The M4 is a gas-operated, shoulder-fired weapon. The cartridges are fed into the gun with a magazine, which is a rectangular box that holds the cartridges. It has a stock that can be extended or pushed in and a. The rifle was intended to be small and handy, utilizing composite materials and chambered for the small and fast 5.56 round. The idea was that the round's speed and the fact that its size would allow troops to carry more ammo would make up for its lack of mass—a plan that Scales says hasn't panned out

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Another possible replacement is the AR-10 rifle.The AR-10 is a derivative of the civilian AR-15 rifle, which is functionally identical to the M4A1 -- minus the ability to fire fully automatic A carabina M4 é uma variante mais curta e mais leve do rifle M16A2.A M4 é uma carabina alimentado com carregador, operado à gás por impacto direto, refrigerado a ar, 5.56×45mm NATO.Tem um cano de 14,5 in (368 mm) e uma soleira telescópica. A carabina M4 é amplamente usada pelas Forças Armadas dos Estados Unidos e está substituindo em grande parte o rifle M16 nas unidades de combate do.

Valken ASL Series M4 Airsoft Rifle AEG 6mm Rifle - TRG - Black. 3.9 out of 5 stars 14. $164.95 $ 164. 95. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 15. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Arrives before Christmas. UKARMS Lancer Tactical M4A1 Airsoft Gun Rifle RIS SOPMOD AEG Metal Gears Raider w/ 9.6v Battery & Charger (Tan High Velocity The M24 Sniper Weapon System (SWS) is the military and police version of the Remington Model 700 rifle, M24 being the model name assigned by the United States Army after adoption as their standard sniper rifle in 1988. The M24 is referred to as a weapon system because it consists of not only a rifle, but also a detachable telescopic sight and other accessories The M4 Carbine is an American assault rifle featured in Homefront and Homefront: The Revolution. The M4 is the standard issue assault rifle for the US Army. The M4 is main assault rifle of the Korean People's Army and the United States Armed Forces. It is encountered in every mission, except Overwatch. Unlike it's multiplayer version, it can be found in both 20 and 30 round configurations

The M4 is getting an upgrade. In the early 1990s, the Army purchased a limited number of M4 carbines. The M4 had a collapsible stock and a shorter, 14.5-inch barrel, as opposed to the longer. AR-15 5.56/.223 16 M4 classic tactical rifle kit contains all components to complete your AR-15 Rifle build. The rifle kit comes WITHOUT 80% lower receiver. All options and modifications to your kit are available on top of this page. All components are Mil Spec and made in the. Elektrické airsoft útočné pušky M4, M16, SR, AR, HK41x a další klony Jedna z nejlépe ovladatelných útočných pušek, kterou pod označením M16 zavedla do výzbroje americká armáda. Právě zde můžete pořídit její airsoft AEG verzi The M4 has been improved numerous times and employs the most current technology available on any rifle/carbine in general use today. The M4 is the highest-rated weapon by Soldiers in combat, according to the Directorate of Combat Development, Ft. Benning, Ga M4 Carbine Series. M4 Magpul Series. AR-15 Military Classics. Accessories. Colt Ammo (Double Tap) Gun Parts (Brownells) Colt Apparel & Accessories (Store) Gun Parts (Midway USA) Search. Shop Python. Shop Collectibles. Find the Colt for you. CARRY. DUTY. COMPETITION. COLLECTIBLE. PISTOLS. Shop All. Combat Elite Government (9MM) $1399.00

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The M4 is a very powerful automatic assault rifle belonging to the M16 rifle family. It appears in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Contracts, and in Hitman: Blood Money. 1 Appearances 1.1 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin 1.2 Hitman: Contracts 1.3 Hitman: Blood Money 2 Upgrades 3 Gallery 4 Trivia The M4 has the highest rate of fire in this game. It can be obtained by killing a UN soldier with the. Added 10 M4 rifle animations (Equip+Charge, Fire Burst, Fire Empty, Fire Normal, Reload 20Mag x2, Reload 30Mag x2, Reload 60Mag x2). Update 1: Reconfigured M4 Skeleton for cleaner workflow. Adjusted scale size of M4 to properly fit Epic Mannequin. Added Game Instance to Save and Recall Loadouts between levels I-Bolt Rifle Bolt Safety Recall; i-Bolt Rifle Sear Engagement Pin Safety Recall; M&P SHIELD Safety Alert 8.22.13; Model 22A Pistols Safety Recall; Performance Center Model 329 Safety Recall; Performance Center Model 460 Safety Recall; S&W 1911; TCA Compass® Rifles Safety Recall Manufactured Prior to 9.16.16; TCA Icon, Venture, Dimension Safety. M4 feed ramps and 5.56 NATO chamber allows the use of both 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem. ammunition. The barrel and 1/2-28 Ruger® flash suppressor have a matte black oxide finish to reduce glare and provide corrosion resistance (excludes model 8502) The Colt M4 .22 caliber rifle is manufactured under license by Walther. Colt has a long history of licensing manufacture of parts (and even firearms) dating back to Eli Whitney and continuing with Adcor today. The Walther rifle is first class in every way and a worthy rifle to bear the Colt name

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  1. 9MM.223 / 5.56 45 ACP.22 Long Rifle.22 Win Mag 12 Gauge.308 Winchester 40 S&W.38 Special View All Calibers Ammo By Manufacturer Qualified Professional Ammo Recently Added Amm
  2. The M4 is a copy of the M16 assault rifle. It is lighter in weight and shorter in size than the M16. Used throughout all branches of the United States Armed Forces, the M4 is an air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed carbine. The barrel is 14.5 inches and the rifle has a telescoping stock
  3. The M4 carbine was developed by Colt. Essentially it is a shortened version of the M16A2 assault rifle. This weapon was much more comfortable to carry and to use. The US Army adopted this carbine in 1994
  4. The M4 series 5.56 mm Carbine is a compact version of the M16A2 Rifle and is equipped with a collapsible stock, an adaptor rail system and a backup iron sight. The M4A1 is fully automatic and incorporates an ambidextrous fire control selector
  5. PSA 16″ M4 CARBINE LENGTH 5.56 NATO 1:7 NITRIDE FREEDOM RIFLE KIT - 5165450351 PSA AR-15 STEALTH STRIPPED LOWER RECEIVER; Descriptions: Barrel: Chrome Moly steel barrel chambered in 5.56.
  6. The Crosman M4-177 is the next great variable pump air rifle. With easy-to-use variable pump features you can control your power from 350 fps to 700 fps for everything from plinking to pest control. This tactical-styled repeater shoots BBs or .177-caliber pellets and comes with a dual-aperture rear sight and adjustable post front sight to help.
  7. BCM® M4 carbines come stock with a carbine length gas system, as designed and fielded by the US Military in the XM177 carbine. Backed into the rifle length AR gas systems, the carbine length system was designed to be as compact as possible while reliably cycling rounds and maintaining compatibility the standard M16 bayonets
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In the 1980's, Colt began work on a new platform based on the M16 rifle, which was eventually known as the M4 Carbine. The M4, which features a shorter barrel , collapsible stock , and other modifications, has become standard equipment for close-quarters combat through the US Military Colt M4 Carbine Federal Patrol Rifle Description: The Colt Federal Patrol Carbine is an advanced rifle based on Colt's legendary M4 platform adding key accessories as requested by the FBI. It features a new Geissele MK4 M-LOK® capable free-floated forend, and a set of Magpul PRO flip-up sights The next great variable pump rifle is here! If you enjoy the adaptability of the AR platform then you're going to love the M4-177. The airgun features a rifled steel barrel and shoots both pellets and BBs. The rifle's variable pump action is easy to use for right or left-handed shooters A Fully Automatic rifle, it is the only weapon in the game which uses Rifle ammo. The M4 is incorrectly labelled, and should be labelled M4A1, as this variant of the M4 was the only version to allow semi automatic and fully automatic fire. The weapon weighs 3.4 Kg when fully loaded, contains a 30 round magazine and fires 5.56 calibre ammunition The M4 rifle has a right hand twist 1:7. Sights. The sights on the original M16 were assembled as part of the carrying handle. There was a time when a scope would be mounted on the handle itself. The M16 rear sight is adjustable, with two setting: 0 - 300 meters, and 300 - 400 meters. Many soldiers were trained to fine tune their weapons.

PSA PSA 16 Carbine-Length 5.56 NATO 1/7 Phos M4 Classic Rifle Kit, FDE . Rating: 90%. Out of Stock. Notify When In Stock. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. PSA 16 M4 5.56 NATO 1:7 Phosphate Classic Rifle Kit with Vortex Strikefire II - 5165502312 . Rating: 86%. Out of Stock. Electric airsoft rifles based on the M4 assault rifle. Important Notice: All Airsoft guns are sold with an orange tip. It is illegal to remove the orange tip. Removing the orange tip will void your warranty Del-Ton, Inc AR-15 AR15 16' M4 rifle kit. AR15 AR-15 16' m4 rifle kit includes upper receiver, barrel, handguards, buttstock and lower parts kit. Completly assembled upper assembly has been test fired and head spaced

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Key point: No matter how you feel about the M4 rifle, it certainly made its mark. In fact, it is still iconic (and debated) to this very day. The U.S. Army is an armed force with a truly global. Bushmaster XM-15 M4-A3 Carbine Rifle -Features are a six-position telestock and a 16, barrel with a threaded A2 birdcage flash suppressor (for a total length of 17.25,). The bore and chamber of the barrel are chrome-lined for ease of cleaning and longevity, and the carbine has a Mil-Spec manganese phosphate outer coating that protects the barrel and critical steel components from corrosion and rust

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  1. Meet the new rifle that will replace the M16/M4 And by 2022, every unit in the U.S. Army is expected to be carrying the new rifle — although the United States Marine Corps.
  2. This Exotic Bullpup Rifle Is Competing To Replace The Army's M4 Carbines And M249 SAWs This is the only entry in the Army's competition to use a bullpup configuration and it has other unique.
  3. Sig Sauer Inc. confirmed it was chosen by the U.S. Army Contract Command, in a $77 million deal, to produce a new scope for M4A1 carbine rifles
  4. The Colt M4 Carbine Semi-Automatic Rifle in .22 L.R. is manufactured exclusively by Walther under license from Colt. It is the only genuine Colt tactical rimfire replica available in the world. WALTHER ARMS INC - COLT M4 CARBINE .22LR RIFLE 22 LR 16.2IN 30+1 5760300. 5.0 (1) View Alternatives.
  5. Stag Arms has specialized in the development of AR15 rifles since it was first founded in 2003. The company aims to provide all shooters with a superior quality rifle at competitive price points, while driving home lifetime value with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty and Infinite Shot Barrel Guarantee
  6. Ranger Armory M4 TG060 Tactical Rifle Stock - BLACK SKU: RA-TG060-B. $14.00 Qty . Add to Cart. Map Protected Price is map protected. LCT Airsoft STK Folding Stock for AK47/74/105 Series AEGs - BLACK SKU: LCT-PK-289. $145.00.
  7. - Lightweight 1.7LB (0.78kg), M4 Rifle design, adjustable buttstock, ABS injection plastic, without Recoil feedback, Magnets for front vive controller to increase shooting accuracy. (Vive controller is not included with order) - The front magnets and buttstock is adjustable to hold rifle immersive in Game

Popis: Tělo Stoner Rifle M4 Prodám použité kovové tělo v dobrém stavu včetně doplňkových dílů, jak je na fotkách. Poštu hradí kupující, nebo osobní odběr BFSIII M4 Rifle. The BFSIII M4 rifle is a basic entry-level AR-15. It is optics ready so it does not come with BUIS. It comes with a standard A2 pistol grip and 6 position carbine stock. The handguard is the one upgraded component and it is a free floated M-LOK handguard. The handguard is vented but only has M-LOK slots on the 3, 6, and 9 o. AR-15 Rifle Kits Browse our full line of AR15 rifle kits below. These kits are customizable and built to order. All of our Del-Ton upper assemblies and rifle kits are head-spaced and test fired for quality, firing capablilities, and your safety Rock River Arms, Inc. offers a complete line of American made, custom built AR15 style rifles

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The M4 in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a much less powerful rifle than its GTA III predecessor, and despite still being a one-shot kill in many occasions (such as shooting at the head or the shoulder), it now features a slower rate of fire and a 30-round magazine. On the other hand, the recoil is also much lower this time around, making it. A West Point cadet is missing along with an M4 rifle, the military academy said after military, federal, state and local agencies conducted extensive searches to locate the man. The cadet, a.

Tippmann Arms M4-22 ELITE. The M4-22 ELITE is a premium .22 caliber semi-automatic tactical rimfire rifle with aluminum upper and lower receivers and all the features of a true M4. The M4-22 is largely mil-spec compatible and will accept most AR15 stocks, handguards and sights Refine by No filters applied Browse by & Price Hide Filters Show Filters filter by pric The Assault Rifle is an item in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Itis the main weapon ofCarlos Oliveiraand Mikhail Victor during theRaccoon City Destruction Incident. It is identified as an M4A1 Rifle. 1 Gameplay 2 The Mercenaries 3 Gallery 4 Bibliography 5 Sources The Assault Rifle is a fully automatic weapon with good stopping power and rate of fire. Just like the Submachine Gunfrom Resident Evil 2. How to Clean an M4 Rifle. The M4 carbine rifle is the newest variant of the M16. It is the weapon of choice among most combat units. Its small size and its modifiability make it ideal for urban combat situations. There are many civilian versions of the M4, such as the AR-15 and the Bushmaster .223. To those in the. The MP7 AEG airsoft rifle is an electric gun that shoots BBs at 240 FPS. $79.99. HK G36C 6MM BLACK. Tired of shooting the same ol' M4-based rifles all the time? We get it. AMOEBA AM-008 M4-6MM-DEB GEN5 AEG RIFLE. AMOEBA AM-005 M4-6MM-BLACK GEN5. $149.99 $175.84. TACTICAL FORCE TRI-SHOT SHOTGUN-6MM-BLACK/TAN

A shortened variant of the M16A2 rifle, the M4 provides the individual soldier operating in close quarters the capability to engage targets at extended range with accurate, lethal fire. The M4-series Carbine achieves over 80% commonality with the M16A2 Rifle and replaces all M3 .45 caliber submachine guns, and selected M9 pistols and M16 rifles The Colt Expanse M4 Carbine Semi-Auto Rifle has an upper receiver with a forward assist and dust cover; and a Picatinny rail for mounting an optical sight, open rear sight, or carry handle. A standard A2 front sight is mounted in front of the handguard. The Colt M4 Carbine operates with a direct impingement gas operating system with rotating. In June 2018, the Air Force had revealed it was converting standard 5.56x45mm M4 carbines in-house to the new configuration at a rate of 100 per week, with a goal of producing 2,100 guns for.

The M4-A1 is a highly sought after assault rifle in DayZ Standalone. A late-game, highly customizable, tier 4 assault rifle, the M4-A1 is chambered in 5.56mm Rounds. 1 Overview 2 Attachments 2.1 Magazines 2.2 Sights and Optics 2.3 Handguards 2.4 Buttstocks 2.5 Muzzle 2.6 Illumination 2.7 Wraps 3 Trivia The M4-A1 is a weapon suited to short-medium range firing. The high rate of fire in Full. The M4 is a carbine version of the M16 rifle, with a barrel that's 5.5″ shorter. The modern version was developed in the early 1980s by Colt and was officially adopted by the US military in 1994. But that wasn't the first M16 carbine

Our collection of M4's, AR15's and M16 airsoft rifles. Available in both Two-Tone / 2-tone and Replica Imitation Firearm (RIF) and with a variety of different stocks, frontends and brands. Keywords: m4, ar15, m16, stubby, rifle, airsoft, gun, bb gun, cqb, s-system, src, g&g, kwa, blowback, aeg, valken, tokyo maru home weapon systems gunfighter select accessories specification: gunfighters american gunfighter: about history innovations manufacturing: support where to bu Order and Buy guns online at one of the largest online gun store. Deguns online gun shop located in Lincoln, NE. We are local arms dealers for hunting and shooting JG M4 Electric Airsoft Gun Rifle 6604 Specifications: Velocity: 365 FPS(0.2 g BB) Range 150-170 Feet- Barrel Length: 14.5 inches/ 37 cm- Magazine Capacity: 300 Rounds Features: Metal Gearbox- ABS Construction- Battery and Charger Included(Small) Accuracy Proven Also Included: Magazine Shaped Speed Loader 2 Bottles of 2000 Rounds of.02g BB's in.

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The M4/M4A Carbine is the latest weapon in a family of firearms dating back to the M16 and even to the carbine AR-15. It is a shorter and lighter version of the M16 assault rifle, and 80% of the parts are parallel. The M4 is 1.3 pounds lighter and 6.58 inches shorter extended and 10 inches shorter with the stock collapsed Chambered in 5.56mm, the M4 and SAW has a lethal range of about 300 meters, service officials have said. The new rifle and automatic rifle must be able to engage targets out to 600 meters. Meet the new rifle that will replace the M16/M4 And by 2022, every unit in the U.S. Army is expected to be carrying the new rifle — although the United States Marine Corps. Colt M4 + M203A1 Grenade Launcher: 300 x 90: Colt M4 CQB: 400 x 154: Colt M4 Carbine: 400 x 120: Colt M4 Carbine: 300 x 91: DEX-44: 211 x 70: DP27 Degtyaryov Machine Gun: vector: Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle (MDR) 796 x 238: Dragunov: 600 x 155: Dragunov SVD: vector: F12 Assault rifle: vector: F19 Assault rifle: vector: F23 AMCR: vector. The Colt M4 Carbine Semi-Automatic Rifle in .22 L.R. is manufactured exclusively by Walther under license from Colt. It is the only genuine Colt tactical rimfire replica available in the world. Specifications Operation Blowback Caliber .22 L.R. Barrel Length 16.1 in Barrell Twist 1 in 13-3/4 i

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CORE 15 M4 Semi-Auto Rifle -The CORE 15 M4 semi-auto rifle features the Mil-Spec Forged 7075-T6 upper and lower receivers that are hardcoat anodized. The beveled magwell is improved for reloading speed and has machined chevrons in front of the magazine well. The gun also features an A2 flash hider and an A2 pistol grip Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Crosman M4-177 0.177 Caliber Multi-Pump Pneumatic Rifle Kit at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products The M4A1 Assault Rifle, commonly referred to as the M4, is one of the most powerful weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and we've come up with five loadouts to use in multiplayer for.

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Shop Airsoft Guns, Shop By Rifle Models, M4 / M16, M4 Carbine. Contact Us (626) 286-0360 Store Locations. Airsoft Fishing Air Gun. Phone Support M-F 7am-5pm PST RIFLE, 5.56MM, M16A2 W/E (1005-01-1 28-9936) (EIC:4GM) TM 9-1005-319-23&P, May 1991, is changed as follows: 1. Remove old pages and insert new pages as indicated below. 2. New or changed material is indicated by a vertical bar adjacent to the material. 3. New or changed illustrations are indicated by a miniature pointing hand highlighting the. M4 is a superior assault rifle with high power, fast fire rate, and extreme accuracy with low recoil. A lot of players like to equip M4 to their main loadout because it is easy to use with the help of foregrip and stock you won't be noticing the bouncing recoil when you fire Enter our December Rifle Giveaway. View M5/AR308 Lineup. The Thunder Ranch product line is a joint venture between Aero Precision and Thunder Ranch. Aimed to achieve Clint Smith's ideal purpose built Ultimate Carbine, these products include key features requested from Clint Smith himself but with an Aero Precision flare. Like everything. Lancer Tactical M4 Advance Recon Carbine 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Black) $319.99. Only 20 left in stock - order soon. HK Heckler & Koch MP7 GBB Automatic 6mm BB Rifle Airsoft Gun, Black 4.1 out of 5 stars 21. $279.95. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Umarex HK Heckler & Koch G36 C AEG Automatic 6mm BB Rifle Airsoft Gun, Black 3.7 out.

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Rifle ; Product filtering Clear all color Black 12 Coyote 12 Manatee Grey 4 MultiCam 12 Ranger Green 12 technology 6/9 & 6/12 M4 Triple Speed Reload with Pistol Pockets Price from: (1) M4 Single Mag Ranger Shingle Price from: (0) M4 3-Mag Ranger Shingle. Colt M4 Carbine 2019 Block 1 SOCOM. This is a Charlie's custom Block 1 Colt M4 Carbine, with 100% factory parts. This is the little brother of the M4A1 factory rifle, at a significant savings. If you are are looking for an Block 1 M4 Clone Rifle with all the bells and whistles, look no further. Charlie's brings you the real deal in M4 clones AR-15 and M-16 rifle parts made by Military contract manufacturers AR 15 kits, and Barreled Uppers are constructed using only Mil Spec parts from Shaw®, Wilson Arms®, FN®, and Colt® contractor's, Daniel Defense®, ACE LTD, and Magpul® .We carry buttstocks, handguards, parts kits, pistol grips, Barrels, rear sights, gas blocks, upper receiver parts, barrel parts, and more to accommodate.

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