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Penpal is a six-part creepypasta novel by Dathan Auerbach. The original stories were published on reddit, and were collected as a self-published paperback in 2012.. Smile Dog. Main article: Smile.jpg Smile Dog (also known as Smile.jpg) is a story about a cursed image file.The image is a Polaroid photograph of a dog-like creature (ostensibly a Siberian Husky) that appears to be smiling. 4chan is an anonymous Ingles-leid eemagebuird wabsteid. Lencht by Christopher Poole in October 2003, 4chan haes buirds fur mony hings, fae anime an manga tae video gemms, muisic, leeteratur, politics, an sports, amang ithers. Registerin is no possible, an the wabsteid's uisers maistlins post anonymous-like; threids gittin new repones are bumped tae the tap o thair buird an auld threids are. Sites Like Reddit: 9 Alternative Websites Like Reddit You Must Know. There is no doubt about the fact that Reddit is one of the most popular sites on the internet, but there is no reason to bank on Reddit only Origin. The bear character originates from the popular bulletin board system (BBS) website 2channel in Japan, where it was introduced, in the form of Shift_JIS art, as クマー ( Kumā ), an interjection of the word 熊 ( Kuma) meaning bear in Japanese. Unlike Pedobear, Kumā has no sexual connotations, pedophilic or otherwise Encyclopedia Dramatica (often abbreviated ED and æ) is a MediaWiki software-based website, launched on December 10, 2004, whose articles lampoon topics and current events related or relevant to contemporary Internet culture in an encyclopedic fashion. It often serves as a repository of information and a means of discussion for the internet subculture known as Anonymous

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4chan is an English language website based on the Japanese Futaba Channel where people can post and discuss pictures and other images; sites such as these are called imageboards. It was started in 2003 by moot, who was 15 years old at the time. On the website, users post pictures and discuss them. When the site started, it was for discussing anime and manga, but now many other topics are. He based it off of a Japanese anime site known as 2chan, or Futaba Channel, which is why 4chan has an entire board dedicated to Japanese culture, with topics including cosplay and manga Other websites affiliated with 2chan were also affected by the attack. On the evening of March 1, 2chan servers were suspended and IP addresses from all sources of attacks were blocked. On March 2, damages were estimated to be above $2.5 million. Mainly 2chan's Korea Slander Gallery, VIP Gallery, Breaking News Gallery were targeted Densha Otoko (電車男, translated as Train Man) is a Japanese movie, television series, manga, novel, and other media, all based on the purportedly true story of a 23-year-old otaku who intervened when a drunk man started to harass several women on a train. The otaku ultimately began dating one of the women.. The event, and the man's subsequent dates with the woman, who became known as. An English-language imageboard based on cannabis culture which was created on 20 April 2005 by Aubrey Cottle. The name is a reference to the larger 4chan and the code term 420 of the cannabis subculture.Its boards include various drug-specific boards, as well as a board featuring a chatbot named Netjester. 4cha

4chan estas anonima anglalingva bildforumo lanĉita la 1-an de oktobro 2003. Origine ĝiaj forumoj estis uzataj por publikigi bildojn kaj diskuti pri mangao kaj animeo.La uzantoj ĝenerale publikigas anonime kaj la retejo estis ligata al la subkulturoj kaj aktivismo en interreto.. Registrado ne eblas, kaj uzantoj ĝenerale afiŝas anonime, kun afiŝaj fadenoj ricevantaj lastatempajn respondojn. 2channel, also known as 2ch, is an anonymous Japanese textboard, founded in 1999 by Hiroyuki Nishimura. It has been described as Japan's most popular online community, with around ten million users accessing it each day, with a level of influence in Japanese society described as comparable to that of traditional mass media such as television, radio, and magazines. In 2008, the site was reported to generate an annual revenue in upwards of ¥100 million. In 2009, the site's ownership was. 2CH is a commercial radio station in Sydney, Australia.. 2CH may also refer to: . 2C-H or 2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine; 2Ch. or Chronicles 2, a Hebrew prose work constituting part of Jewish and Christian scripture 2chan or 2ch, a Japanese imageboar TechXtra is one of the best deep web search engines where you can search for content that has to do with Math, Engineering, and Computing. You can search for things such as technical data, industry news, classifieds, learning resources, full-text Eprints, and relevant website information This is a list of notable and commonly used emoticons, or textual portrayals of a writer's moods or facial expressions in the form of icons.Originally, these icons consisted of ASCII art, and later, Shift JIS art and Unicode art.In recent times, graphical icons, both static and animated, have joined the traditional text-based emoticons; these are commonly known as emoji

Wakaba is one of the most popular western imageboard software scripts, used most notably by iichan ( Wakachan ). Because of its focus on bare-bones functionality, Wakaba lacks many of the modern amenities provided by 4chan's Yotsuba, and newer imageboard scripts so drop the act and leave, I'm sure your missing some freaky cable porm Yandere Chan is saying your a boy, so all you do is watch porn cuz' your a boy, stop acting like you can take me.

четырёхлистный клевер һәм 2chan: Хуҗасы: Хироюки Ничимура һәм Кристофер Пул: Булдыручы: Кристофер Пул: Әсәр яки аның атамасы теле: инглиз теле: Йогынтысын кичергән: Futaba Channe 4chan sī chi̍t-ê í Eng-gí ûi chú ê tô͘-pang (imageboard) bāng-chām, it-poaⁿ post chok-chiá sī bô-miâ--ê. Pún bāng-chām sī 2003 nî 10 goe̍h 1 ji̍t khai-sí ūn-chok, ki-pún ê kò͘-chō sī o̍h Ji̍t-pún 2chan téng kâng lūi ê bāng-chām, chi̍t khai-sí sī siat hông tah tô͘-ōe kiam thó-lūn bàng-gah kap anime..

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  1. g, use of improvised weapons, and innovative stunts, which he typically.
  2. istrator for more than 11 years before stepping down in January 2015. In 2016, he began working for Googl
  3. The social news site Reddit has occasionally been the topic of controversy due to the presence of communities on the site (known as subreddits) devoted to explicit or controversial material. In 2012, Yishan Wong, the site's then-CEO, stated, We stand for free speech.This means we are not going to ban distasteful subreddits. We will not ban legal content even if we find it odious or if we.
  4. Non-japanese internet users sometimes refer to Futaba Channel as 2chan, due to the url of the site. Due to the ignorance of some of those using this term, it is frequently unclear whether this is intended to mean Futaba Channel or 2channel, and sometimes it even refers to both, as if they were a single website

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Hikaru Sugii (杉井 光, Sugii Hikaru, born 1978 in Tokyo) is a Japanese light novel author. In 2005, his debut work Hime no Miko won the Silver Prize at the 12th Dengeki Novel Prize.. Works. Hime no Miko (Dengeki Bunko, February 2006 ~ )Kami-sama no Memo-chō (Dengeki Bunko, 8 Volumes, January 2007 ~ September 10, 2014); Sayonara Piano Sonata (Dengeki Bunko, 4 Volumes + 1 Bonus, November. [T]here is now a war waging behind the scenes at 2chan as to whom really controls it—Nishimura or the U.S.-based Jim Watkins, who overtook the domain in 2014. ; Gabriela Kennedy; et al. (2016-07-28). WIPO Domain Name Decision: D2016-1025 (2ch.net). World Intellectual Property Organizatio NBC News reporter Ben Collins discusses a manifesto posted on 8chan, allegedly tied to the El Paso gunman, which included racist, anti-immigrant sentiments as well as thoughts on jobs in the U.S. Get another chance to win cash and prizes with bonus and promotional draws. All you need to get started is a Lottery account. Your ticket gives you another opportunity to win $15,000 a week. Every $1 you spend on a ticket gives you 1 entry into 2nd Chance drawings. For instance, your $5 play gives.

Talk:2chan.net. Jump to navigation Jump to search. WikiProject Articles for creation (Rated Redirect-class) This redirect was reviewed by member(s) of WikiProject Articles for creation. The project works to allow users to contribute quality articles and media files to the encyclopedia and track their progress as they are developed.. The Sound of Music is a 1965 American musical drama film produced and directed by Robert Wise, and starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, with Richard Haydn and Eleanor Parker.The film is an adaptation of the 1959 stage musical of the same name, composed by Richard Rodgers with lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II.The film's screenplay was written by Ernest Lehman, adapted from the stage. 2ch 2chan Features Japan Otaku Life. Japan Reacts To News of Naruto's End. October 9, 2014 Matt Schley. Japan Otaku Life crown of thorn cultural affairs deb aoki. Manga Translation Battle 2014 Kicks Off. September 29, 2014 Matt Schley. Anime Features Frederik L. Schodt Imperial Japanese Troupe Interviews Unfortunately, Watson and Seyfried's privacy has been compromised, thanks to the work of online hackers. In a stunt coined The Fappening 2, the supposed sequel to August 2014's massive.

Founded in 2011, SimsVIP is the largest news outlet for The Sims franchise. We are dedicated to providing you with the latest news, game guides, tips, tutorials, and original content for EA and The Sims Moe (萌え, pronounced ()) is a Japanese word that refers to feelings of strong affection mainly towards characters (usually female) in anime, manga, video games, and other media directed at the otaku market. Moe, however, has also gained usage to refer to feelings of affection towards any subject.. Moe is related to neoteny and the feeling of cuteness a character can evoke

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  1. Spammeři i antispammeři vyvíjejí nové taktiky a obě strany se inspirovaly dávnými časy. Megaportál Lycos se v rámci boje proti spamu rozhodl vzí
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